So….about me.  I am in my early forties, the mother of two boys and the wife of one man.  Kieran is in Grade 8 and Reilly is four years old and loving Educare.

We live in Table View, close to the beachfront and we love it here.  We’re “sea folk” and NEED to be near an ocean!

Both Allan and I are the youngest of four children, we grew up in the same neighbourhood, went to the same high school and started dating in Matric.  Our families are very similar, and we share the same values and upbringing.

I have two amazing brothers, a darling sister and a gazillion nieces and nephews.  My dad passed away in 1998 but my mom (our guiding light) is still a feisty gal at 71.  We siblings annoy each other, we squabble incessantly, but we have each other’s backs no matter what……mess with one and we will turn on you like rabid dogs (I’m not kidding….I’m talking foaming at the mouth, the whole bazooka).

Besides my immediate family, I have a whole lot of cousins and we’re all pretty close, with all our kids growing up together.

We love tent camping and going away for weekends in general – as soon as we get back home from a trip, we are planning the next one!

Life with two boys is always busy.  Our house is always noisy, mostly messy and in general like a circus…..some days we cry, but most days we laugh.

My life goal is to try live the best life I can,  be the best mother I can be, the best wife I can be, love my family and friends, and when I put my head on my pillow at night, to know that I spent that day  being the best person I could possibly be.  Many days I fail, but I’ll wake up tomorrow (hopefully!) and try again.


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